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Dan Grossman

Daniel B. (“Dan”) Grossman is a senior-level networking technologist, a broadband technology pioneer, and a small businessman.   His technical focus over a 30+ year career has been in broadband networks serving consumer and business markets, traffic management in broadband networks and technology standards for broadband networks.   He has also worked extensively with smart grid, innovative wireless systems, and video distribution. As a technology leader, he helped develop product and technology roadmaps, partnerships, new business development, key customer engagements, technology strategy planning, and patent and standards strategies. He has also advised communications regulatory attorneys on technology matters surrounding FCC proceedings.

Prior to founding NetAccess Futures, Mr. Grossman was a member of the founding team at V6Gizmos LLC, a smart grid equipment start-up. Previously, he had a long tenure at Motorola Inc., most recently as Fellow of the Technical Staff in the corporate technology organization. He acted at various times as a technical leader, program manager, product manager, chief architect and individual contributor on a succession of advanced development programs for mass-market broadband networks. These included a 10 Gb/s PON field trial at a Tier-1 service provider, an all-optical GPON reach extender for a major European service provider, an experimental TWDM PON, an ultrawideband wireless mesh home network, and a wireless drop system. Earlier, he served in a key internal consulting role, with concurrent projects affecting multiple businesses, in areas of technical focus including IP, Quality-of-Service, ATM, home networking, cable television, FTTx, DSL, and wireless infrastructure.

Dan contributed extensively to the development of numerous significant technology standards, most recently in Fiber-to-the-Home.  He holds 10 US patents, is author of numerous trade and technical papers , and is a Senior Member of IEEE.

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Certfied FTTH Professional

Technologies include:  GPON and X-GPON,   GEPON,  optical access network design, fixed wireless, xDSL, HFC, DOCSIS, DPOE, Ethernet, VLAN, carrier Ethernet, Broadband Forum TR-101/TR-168,  IP and support protocols, Diffserv, RSVP,  TCP,  ATM, Frame Relay, MPEG Transport, legacy STB, IPTV, RTP/RTSP, IEEE 1588, Smart Grid, network security.

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