For Communities

Ubiquitous high-speed broadband is key to the future of your community.  Residents, businesses, schools and local government want high-speed Internet, video and other advanced services.   You’ve gotten buy-in from the community, local and state governments.  You’ve done the market research.  You’ve identified funding sources.  Now it’s time to plan and build your broadband network.

Broadband networks are complex.  The  technology is specialized.  Many moving parts need to mesh to make them work.  Network architecture, design and vendor selection are pivotal to your success.  Making the wrong decisions can result in wasted project CAPEX, require higher OPEX, prevent you from offering new services, impact reliability and performance, and slow restoration from outages.  Smart decisions can dramatically reduce construction, provisioning and operations cost.

The big broadband companies have teams of talented subject matter experts – the CTO organization –  to guide technology decisions.   You need that kind of expertise for your project – a “virtual CTO”.  We can help.

Design and construction of your network will most likely be done by contractors.  Do you have the expertise to develop requirements for your RFI and RFP? How are you going to vet RFI and RFP responses? We can help.

An Owner’s Representative bird dogs the contractor, and keeps the program on track, on time and on budget.  You need somebody who speaks their language and yours. You need somebody who asks the right questions and can dig into the details.  You need somebody who can keep you informed but not overwhelmed.  You need somebody who can scrutinize change orders and keep them from impacting your project.  We can help.



Broadband Access Strategy and Technology