For Incumbent Tier-2 and Tier-3 Service Providers

You’re a municipal, co-op, or independent telephone provider.  You provide low speed broadband over ADSL or HDSL  Your customers want higher speeds.  You’re getting too many trouble calls. You need to plan your network evolution.  You know you’ll have to overbuild at least some of your copper facilities with fiber.  Do you jump right to Fiber-to-the-Premises?  Or re-use existing copper distribution and drop plant with Fiber-to-the-Node? Compromise on Fiber-to-the-Curb?  Hybrid strategies? How to be most cost-effective?  We can help.

You’re a municipal, co-op or independent cable operator.   You have a fairly modern HFC plant, and already offer broadband Internet services.    You want to offer higher speed broadband to your residential customers.  You also have an opportunity to serve mid-sized businesses.  How will you evolve your network?  Where should you make capital improvements?   You have many alternatives, and more are coming — which will you choose and when?   We can help.

You’re planning your upgrade.  Have you gathered your technical requirements?  Who is going to review RFI and RFP responses? Who will monitor design and construction?  We can help.

Broadband Access Strategy and Technology