For Broadband Incumbents and Vendors

Projects start.  Projects end.  Schedules are tight.  Hiring reqs are hard to get.  Your architecture team has too much on their plate.  Too few of them have expert knowledge of broadband  access technologies.   Perhaps they are too busy fighting fires to look ahead.  Or perhaps you have an important project that is not urgent enough to get on the calendar.   We can help.

Your team is looking at alternative evolutionary paths for your network or product.  Some favor one solution, some favor the other.  Polarization is an obstacle to progress.  You need an outside perspective, a mediator, a consensus builder.  We can help.

You know that your organization should be active in standards committees and industry fora.  You can’t commit your senior people  to prepare for and attend three or four meetings  a year, much less to make substantive contributors.   We can help.

Your  ‘bet the business’ project  is in go/no go review.  You need a fresh eye to catch any ‘gotchas’ before you commit to execution.  We can help.

You need a program manager to guide a broadband project.  Somebody who knows the technology and can engage all the stakeholders, build consensus, make sure that all the bases are covered, keep communication flowing.  We can help.

You need a marketing white paper to provide insight to your target audience about your technology domain and ecosystem, while subtly spotlighting your product. We can help.

Broadband Access Strategy and Technology