About NetAccess Futures

The Internet is the cornerstone of the 21st Century economy, touching on almost every aspect of commerce, entertainment, interpersonal connection and civic life.  Ubiquitous access to the Internet is as essential to living in this century as electricity was in the last.

In order use the Internet, people must first be connected to the Internet. Most people have no reason to think about it, except when something goes wrong. But behind the curtain, that connection is a complex system of technology, civil works, economics and law.  Few understand all of these moving parts, and fewer still see them in the big picture.

NetAccess Futures offers technology-forward telecom industry research, analysis and strategy consulting. Our primary emphasis is  mass-market broadband equipment and services, particularly fiber-to-the-premises.  NetAccess Futures takes a holistic view of this space, combining deep understanding of technology and infrastructure with an insider understanding of the industry and markets. That knowledge covers everything from photonics, to the Physical Layer, to protocols, to network architectures, to outside plant, to network equipment markets, to telecom provider needs, to network equipment product development, to the challenges of rural service,  to US federal regulation and more.

Our value-add is synthesis of all this knowledge,  with experienced big-picture perspective.

Our roots are in data networks and telecom  – product development, applied research, standards, strategy, and partnerships plus a dash of regulatory affairs and M&A. We’ve been on the inside and know how things really work in the industry. We dig into standards, research journals,  conference proceedings and patents to generate deep-dive analysis and explanation. We can think like a service provider or an equipment vendor.

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